Joshua cruz is a pop superstar in the making.

An Orlando native raised by Gospel, Hip Hop and Mo Town, Joshua has been performing since he was a child. Since moving to Tampa Joshua has become the area’s premier pop performer. He has consistently raised the bar with his singles and music videos. Joshua has performed on the area’s largest stages such as Janus Live as well as being featured in the local news (Tampa Bay Times, Creative Loafing and NBC’s DAYTIME Morning Show). 

Josh is often referred to as an urban pop artist because  he creates a lush soundscape filled with danceable beats, memorable hooks and introspective lyrics. His influences range from Michael Jackson, Kanye West, Queen, Drake, The Beatles, Bon Iver, and Justin Timberlake among many others. Weaving soul and emotion throughout, Josh aims to create music that people can easily relate to and have fun with. This intention is evident on his latest release
"Infinity & Beyond", available on all digital outlets. 


Joshua Cruz

“My goal is to make music that inspires hope, love, and real emotion. I want to make people dance, reflect and have a great time, because in those moments we are most free.”